Can Two Boys Fuck A Fleshjack At the Same Time?

Of course they can! Maybe the better question to ask here is “Why aren’t people using Fleshjacks as a group activity more often?”

If “best use of toys as a group activity” were a category at a gay porn awards show, last year’s winner would have been that awesome Bel Ami scene where Kris Evans, Dolph Lambert, Kevin Warhol, and Jean-Daniel Chagall all fucked themselves with molds of their own dicks and mouths. This year, the category is clearly swept by Jake Bass and CockyBoys newcomer Zach, who are squeezing both their dicks inside one Fleshjack and getting off to the feeling of some serious skin-on-skin contact. Must have been great, because they both cum at the exact same time.

Fuck, this new kid is hot. He says he’s “never done anything with a guy,” which we’re not entirely convinced of, but he’s from Texas, and his sweet Southern accent tells us that is a fact. According to Jake Jaxson, Zach is already interested in coming back for a threesome. Who would you pair him with?

zach-solo-01 zach-solo-07 zach-solo-08 zach-solo-13 zach-solo-14

Zach-Solo_0025 Zach-Solo_0085 Zach-Solo_0099 Zach-Solo_0106 Zach-Solo_0112 Zach-Solo_0120 Zach-Solo_0124

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  • Jean-Louis

    if you’re using a fleshjack with jake bass, of COURSE his dick will fit in with yours. the guy is tiny! lol (and no, not a hater! I’ve had the non-pleasure of having a private dance with him at JP in MTL when he danced there. and it really is quite small. it’s his EGO that is big lol)

    • Bradford Matthews

      Jake Bass let you touch his dick during a private dance? Nomi Malone would be furious.

      • GayhawkAZ

        Jake probably needed the money for another gauge. :P

        • Bradford Matthews

          …or a lesson in etiquette!

          How do you sit next to someone like Zach and NOT service his every need? Sheesh.

          • GayhawkAZ

            Because when you’re Jake Bass, you expect everyone else to bend to your will, not the other way around. ;)