It's About Damn Time Paddy O'Brian Was Fucked

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We don't know what kind of sour candies Paddy O'Brian was given before his major bottoming debut for, but from the looks of the first preview images, it seems like he's really not enjoying them. Why do you think he looks so pissy in these photos? Could it be, let's say, the cock being rammed up his ass?


Everyone likes to pretend that this is Paddy O'Brian's actual first time bottoming, but we still haven't forgotten about that time he sat on a cute black dildo and rode it to completion. Remember that?

But when releases Paddy's "bottoming debut" in "Top to Bottom" Part 2 on July 26, it will still be a pretty big deal because there will be a real, live, human dick inside Paddy's asshole. The only question left to answer now is "Did he like it?" "WHO is fucking him?!"

Our money is on Paul Walker. These two have flaunted their real-life bromance ever since Paul made the switch from straight porn to gay porn in December, and it would only seem fitting since Paddy recently stole Paul's ass virginity.

How long do you think it will take them to admit they've actually been dating for a very long time and have three children together?

Paddy fucked 1 5 View Photos will be releasing four preview trailers for the big scene throughout the next month, so in the meantime, enjoy Paddy O'Brian fucking Paul Walker:

· Watch Paddy O'Brian fuck Paul Walker in "Mates" at (

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