ChaosMen Debuts Super Hot "Romantic" Theme, "Pure"

Is everyone ready for some serious lovin' at ChaosMen this month?

Site owner Bryan Ockert has announced a brand new "theme" for the site, following the hugely popular (and kinky) "Bossy" series, and the most recent "Peep" theme that takes viewers inside the houses and houseboats of the CM models.

The first scene from the new theme, "Pure," debuts tomorrow. "Instead of being a little more hardcore," Ockert says, "they tend to be more romantic, sensual, and wet sexy hotness!" Also, we made this amazing GIF that pretty much sums everything up:


He continues:

"It is a simple shift in energy and location, but really makes a HUGE impact. I wanted the room to be white so it would drop away, making the focus just on the action. We added a lot of body oil. The models that have amazing bodies, really have been getting-off to the muscle-worship it inspires."
And no, he's not fucking kidding about the body oil.

Check out the preview above, which features a handful of my personal favorite CM models including Glenn, Solomon, Vander, and Cruz. I'm going to lose my shit when the foursome scene debuts...

chaosmen_aries_glenn_bay_vander_hires_01tn chaosmen_aries_glenn_bay_vander_hires_02tn chaosmen_aries_glenn_bay_vander_hires_03tn chaosmen_santoro_vander_pure_hires_01tn chaosmen_santoro_vander_pure_hires_02tn chaosmen_santoro_vander_pure_hires_03tn chaosmen_solomon_theon_pure_hires_01tn chaosmen_solomon_theon_pure_hires_02tn chaosmen_solomon_theon_pure_hires_03tn

· Watch the "Pure" series after it debuts tomorrow exclusively at ChaosMen (

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