The New Black Spark Projects Are the Best of Barebacking In Public

You heard us correctly! The Internet's most beloved anonymous pornographer is up to his old tricks, and this time, he's taking it to the street. (And the hardware store. And the library. And the backseat.)

Black Spark is the studly exhibitionist best known for filming his hookups in a creative way and getting off on your reaction, but unlike your run-of-the-mill amateur, he's not in it for the money. (Did we mention he's fucking shredded?)

Check out some of this dude's most recent public fucks below. They're just preview clips, but he'll sell you the full versions for the right price on his Tumblr page.

Warning: You're going to need to sit down. It's probably a good idea to grab a towel before watching, too.

"On my way to family barbecue" (via)

"Mother's Day shopping" (via)

"Hardware store" (via)

"Out shopping" (via)

"Some light reading at the library." (via)

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