Undeniable Proof That Terry Miller Is A Leather Pig


We've seen this before. Give a dude one little compliment, and before you know it, he's twerking his junk on the gay bar's stripper pole on Tuesday night. (Tuesday night because he's auditioning to be a gogo boy. You can't just randomly throw these people on the floor on Saturday night.)

He's not twerking on a pole (yet), but Dan Savage's hunky husband, Terry Miller, was caught sporting this hot leather harness at IML last weekend, presumably before Dan Savage "hit that."

This is undeniable proof that Terry Miller is a filthy leather pig, and we love it.

UPDATE: Since time of posting, Terry Miller's leather-clad ass has made an appearance on Instagram. Fuck!


Is leather pig Terry Miller hotter than leather pigs Angel Rock and Logan Vaughn? Are they all equally hot? Should Angel Rock fuck Terry Miller? Should Terry Miller fuck Angel Rock? Will this leather pig scene make you buy a Hot House membership?

· Watch Angel Rock fuck Logan Vaughn in a barber chair at Hot House (HotHouse.com)

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