Tom Daley Visits the Beach, Lies Face-Down In A Towel with His Ass In the Air


Whoa!! It looks like Tom Daley learned how to correctly use a razor on that fuzzy little tummy!

The world's favorite pocket bottom Olympic stud was caught soaking up the sun at a beach in Ft. Lauderdale yesterday, flashing his bangin' bikini bod to his female teammates and posing for photos with his arms around them. (Guess he's still trying to maintain that whole "heterosexual" thing…)

Luckily for us, he spent the better half of that beach retreat hunched over on his towel, sexting friends while his perky little bum stood on display for the anon hookup he arranged on Grindr. (The hookup never showed up.)

Next time you get ditched like that, Tom, call us! We'd love to come on down and listen for the ocean breeze in your asshole.

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