Twitter Crush Tyler Morgan Debuts At Jason Sparks Live

We love discovering new talent just as much as we love stalking our favorite sluts on Twitter, so you can imagine our delight in combing the two with Tyler Morgan—a thirsty little man (and avid over-sharer) dying to break into the industry. We were totally hoping we could keep him and his photo stream all to ourselves, but alas; all good things must come to an end.

Turns out one of the first studios smart enough to grab him before he skyrockets into our hearts fame is Jason Sparks Live, and they have him barebacking! Could this Russian gymnast/pianist's bare dick also be the one in this picture, taken on the night Tyler was "a bad boy"?

Be prepared for some serious back-arching and bendy legs. Aren't twinks the greatest?

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· Watch Tyler Morgan and Tali Mercielago fuck Tyler Morgan at Jason Sparks Live (

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