Score! Bel Ami's Andre Boleyn Turns Straight Pornstar Dennis Mikkelsen Gay

What would we do without Men of Porn and their valiant efforts to uncover the arrest records and previous names of every gay pornstar under the sun? We'd have a pretty uneventful work week, that's for sure!

The sleuths at MOP have uncovered the not-so-secret past of Bel Ami newbie Dennis Mikkelsen, and just like every other Bel Ami superstar, he enjoys pounding pussy as much as he does boyish buttholes. It seems like every Eastern European stud has a "no gender discrimination" policy when it comes to sharing their giant bareback dicks with the world, but we can usually tell what their real-life preference is.

Adam Archuleta's real-life preference, for instance, is to exclusively have sex with me. We're dating, and when he's not working for Bel Ami, we have wild, nonstop, Earth-shattering sex.

We're totally stumped when it comes to Dennis Mikkelsen. He's fresh meat in both the straight and gay industry, but he's so enthusiastic about fucking men and women, we have no idea if he's gay or straight (or just European). According to Bel Ami, he wants to "broaden his horizons" after questioning his own sexuality while working for straight studios.

Great work, Andre Boleyn. We're pretty sure he's batting for our team after stretching that perky hole of yours. For the record, Dennis came twice with Andre, and only once with this woman (below) from X-Art a few weeks ago.

· Watch Dennis Mikkelsen fuck Andre Boleyn at Bel Ami (


· Watch Dennis Mikkelsen fuck GIRLS at X-Art (

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· Watch Dennis Mikkelsen fuck Andre Boleyn at Bel Ami (

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