Epic Teen Balls Bounce In Slow Motion, Reveal Meaning Of Life

Really, if you think about, balls are the essence of life. But we're not even gonna go there. All we know is that when we watch this sack jiggle up and down in slow-mo, the earth stops turning. Time stands still, and if any man in his right mind were holding a pin instead of his dick, you could hear it drop.

The ball-sack hypnosis portion of this video begins around minute three, after his cumshot has you in the palm of his hand. Did we also mention Xtube user Hunkfuckermike has a big, beautiful uncut dong? He does. It's big, it's beautiful, and if you're fortunate enough to be anywhere near Melbourne, Australia, he's eager to put it in your ass.

Or, since his balls do crazy things to the space-time continuum, maybe you could even fly there, fuck, and get home before lunch time. Just a thought.

Big Cock Teen Wank (Xtube)

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