Sometimes You Go All In, And Can’t Believe It Was Ever Otherwise

Yes, user Thickestdck is true to his name and has the thickest dick we’ve ever seen on Xtube. Yes, that’s a Red Bull can he’s holding up in comparison, and yes his dick is in fact, thicker than the Red Bull can. And yes, we have seen this couple before, playing a game of pin-the-tip-on-the-asshole. Here they go all in—and yes, it is glorious.

This vid’s bird’s-eye view gives us a nice glimpse at the body attached to this monster peen—and judging from his hairy pecs and flat stomach, we could get used to this view from the top. This smooth, slim bottom is nothing short of an all-star champion in our book. Which is obviously, like, a really important book.

fuck (Xtube)

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  • Charlie_Jackpot

    all kinds of hotness

  • Steve

    Holy fuck I can’t believe that massive cock went in that hole!!

  • GayhawkAZ

    Sweet monster cock! I popped a boner in the first five seconds and got off and I’m STILL hard for that cock to rail me! :D

    • borenhorny21

      damn and mines back up lol

  • CA_BD

    Oh boy… that’s wow. I’m jealous

  • bob

    i’m jealous, too. just don[t know which to be more jealous of – the guy with that monster cock or the guy with the butthole taking it all in. wish there would’ve been some cumshots, though.