Here's That Video of James Franco Sucking A Dick

There's a gripping new interview with James Franco in Details this month, wherein the kinda-gay actor admits he doesn't have the one thing all gay men despise: a gag reflex.

According to people remotely interested in Spring Breakers, Franco's new flick that features a slutty Selena Gomez, Franco winds up with a revolver in his mouth, and like most straight men in this situation, he makes the best of it by deepthroating the gun. And the gun liked it.

"Guess I'm a natural," he told Details. "It was my first time."

But it wasn't! Franco sucked an actual peen in Broken Tower, an NYU student film he starred in with his brother Dave last year. Okay, it wasn't an actual peen, it was a dildo. Like you, our first question was "where the fuck is this scene and why isn't it on the internet?!"

Well, it is now. You're welcome.

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