Here’s That Video of James Franco Sucking A Dick

There’s a gripping new interview with James Franco in Details this month, wherein the kinda-gay actor admits he doesn’t have the one thing all gay men despise: a gag reflex.

According to people remotely interested in Spring Breakers, Franco’s new flick that features a slutty Selena Gomez, Franco winds up with a revolver in his mouth, and like most straight men in this situation, he makes the best of it by deepthroating the gun. And the gun liked it.

“Guess I’m a natural,” he told Details. “It was my first time.”

But it wasn’t! Franco sucked an actual peen in Broken Tower, an NYU student film he starred in with his brother Dave last year. Okay, it wasn’t an actual peen, it was a dildo. Like you, our first question was “where the fuck is this scene and why isn’t it on the internet?!”

Well, it is now. You’re welcome.

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  • cliff

    He said it was a dildo. I would believe him…

  • Mario

    Great deal… I suck on everyday!

  • GayhawkAZ

    Wow. o.O

  • Charlie_Jackpot

    Well dildo or not, he doesn’t really go down on it that much to bother the gag reflex

  • Jim

    If he really respected our community, he would have sucked on a real live one. Tease.

  • Deaf gay

    Oh…. It is a sexy movie.

  • Deaf gay

    Yea, this penis is real flesh. Wow, He must have enjoyed suck this penis. Congratulations, James Franco. Bravo.

  • Deaf gay

    I love that movie. I enjoyed this movie. I have not seen this movie.

  • Deaf gay

    I am yet 37 years old, and have not enjoyed so much sucking penises. I have sucked only one penis to an American, It was tasty and good. Well, I wish I could suck more.

  • Deaf gay

    I do not suck everyday because I am not Jewish. It is the message to Mario. Okay. I am not Jewish. That’s all. This is the supremacy Jewish power, where every Jewish can suck a dick because it is the Jewish power, that one has to be a Jewish in order to get those privileges. Bye. Hope you understood. I am not going to my time in things that it is never going to change. It is never going to happen because I am not Jewish and it is true. Never, and never and never and truth hurts. Well, bye, bye. Have fun everyday with all of the Jewish power to suck all dicks everyday.

  • Deaf gay

    Well, it is a waste of time, I wish I could suck everyday. I am not Jewish and this is the problem. Because if I am Jewish, I would have tons and a bunch of men for me where I can have lots of privileges. But, unfortunately I am not Jewish. I wish I could have been Jewish but the things I learn that I cannot enjoy all of these privileges here in this world. I am Christian and my people do not believe in these things would be for me a waste of time till I die for not enjoying all of what men have enjoyed a lot. Anyway. It was a good movie, Mario, when you say like that, it makes me think you are acting so superior complexity. If you have sucked and till suck everyday. Keep it for yourself and try to be modest. It really hurts me when you say you suck everyday because I do not suck everyday like you. Anyway. I like this movie, Mario, and hope you suck dicks everyday and continue with all of those guys you love. Bye.

  • Deaf gay

    You! Mario, you must be obnoxious. I do not know you. The way you speak makes me shiver and think you think you are superior.

  • amberskies

    I would like to see him get sucked.