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(Arpad Miklos and Brian Moylan at the 2009 Fleshbot Awards)

Earlier this week, the industry mourned the loss of  Arpad Miklos (aka Peter Kozma), a man considered by most gay porn studios as an undeniable "fan favorite" and a compassionate, kind-hearted soul by close friends. Though his sudden suicide has sparked discussion about depression and substance abuse in the adult industry, it has also opened an avenue for reflection on his life and accomplishments.

We asked professionals from the industry to share their thoughts and best memories of Arpad—the feedback they've given is a true testament to the wonderful man he was, and the brilliant legacy he's left behind.

A public memorial for Arpad Miklos will be held in New York City at G Lounge this Sunday, February 10th at 8pm. Visit Facebook for additional details and charities to support in his honor.


"The movies and everyone's fantasies always painted Arpad as this big, tough top daddy and he was certainly like that in person, but he always found a way to surprise you. I remember when he did a shoot as a cover model for Next Magazine when I was the editor there and when he came in we were all a bit intimidated. Here was this gorgeous man with that deep, quiet voice and you expected him to just order everyone around and take charge. In truth he was a ham. He would start off with a quiet, sly joke with a totally straight face and it took everyone in the room a minute to know that he was kidding. But once you got him, he was all kinds of fun and loved to throw shade in a gentle, lovably way. He was always sweet and hilarious and excellent company. Then he would stop kidding around just long enough to be that hot daddy that he sold to the world, and you knew why all the cameras were on him." Brian Moylan, former Fleshbot editor


"I'm so sad that Arpad isn't with us anymore, its surreal. I met Arpad in 2004 on my very first porn shoot with COLT for "BuckleRoos" when I was shooting the documentary "eXposed".  I remember interviewing him in the barn and I was a little intimidated to approach him because he was so sexy and giant! Omg Huge!  Arpad barely spoke English at the time (it was a quick interview :) but he was so smiley and sweet with the kindest eyes and I immediately took a liking to him (honestly, I wanted to climb him… and probably did!).  Fast forward a few years, we reconnected in New York and he spoke English.  It was awesome!  We laughed about our first interview in the barn, he said he had so much to say to me but was fumbling for the right words.  I filmed him humping a lot in New York.  He was always so much fun to shoot:  dependable, professional, totally fun and always "hard".  While we were filming sex, he would always make silly faces at me during the close-up shots while the innocent bottom had no idea. Then I'd pan up to his face and he'd give rough, masculine sex-face.  It was so hard to hold the camera steady because he'd make me laugh so much!  Thank you Arpad for being so awesome…my sexy, hungarian gentle giant… you are truly missed my dear and I pray that you are in a happier place. big hugs & love….mr Pam" mr. Pam, Director, | Image via Colt Studios



"I first met Arpad Miklos in Budapest, Hungary in 1994. He performed in 3 films during my 6 month stay in that country; COMRADES IN ARMS, THE VAMPIRE OF BUDAPEST, and HUNGARY FOR MEN. At that time, Arpad was a chemist, and didn't speak English. He did speak quite good German though, which is the language we spoke to each other back then. Arpad's Hungarian co-stars nick named him ¨Frankenswanz¨ (¨Franken-cock¨) because of his monster sized penis.

Over the following years, Arpad travelled back and forth from Budapest to Miami to perform in THICK AS THIEVES, BONE ISLAND, and THE ISLE OF MEN, which was shot in Puerto Rico. Arpad was also a production assistant during the filming of those three films. Back then, we used to take a month to film each video, and so I got to spend quite long periods of time with Arpad.

Hungarians almost always use diminutives of their names. Thus names like Zoltan, Gabor, and Attila become Zoli, Gabi, and Atti. Arpad, whose real name was Ferenc Korma, was known to friends as Feri. When Arpad came to the USA the first time, I suggested that he use his full name rather than the diminutive, since the way Americans pronounced it, his name sounded like ¨fairy¨.  Arpad decided to adopt the Peter instead.

Arpad loved to travel, and his sexual appetite off camera was as ferocious is is was on camera. He was a pretty good cook, and he enjoyed working out at the gym, which made his body grow much more muscular through the years. Arpad wasn't an open book; he was very analytical and intelligent, but he didn't often express his feelings to me. Arpad moved to Miami in 2002, and went on to work for many other studios, for which he is now so well known for.

It has been at least five years since I have had direct contact with Arpad, although I was kept aware of what he was up to through his former partner in Hungary, whom I had a closer friendship with. I was sad to hear of his passing, and I hope that he has found the peace he deserves." Kristen Bjorn,; Check out an interview with Arpad from 1999 on the Kristen Bjorn blog | Image via Kristen Bjorn blog



A hug from Arpad was like being wrapped in the arms of a giant grizzly bear with the heart of a puppy dog. It made you feel safe and loved. He was smart, witty and kind-hearted. We'll all miss him. Sister Roma, Art Director, Hot House Entertainment | Image via Hot House blog



"It seems a lifetime ago that Arpad and I were trained medical professionals in our respective countries, but our careers soon became parallel, creating a unique connection that made us great friends.  Separated by oceans and continents, we came together in Central America over a decade ago, accepting the invitation of Kristen Bjorn, whose movies back then always had Eastern Europeans and South Americans in them, in this case, Arpad from Hungary and me from Brazil.

After shooting the movie, we separately decided to move to the US, but for the same reason: it would be easier for the studios to cast us in the movies.  When we arrived in NYC together, it was not a surprise, that unique connection made sure it happened. Both of us could answer the questions "where did you come from?" "how did you start" and "how and why did you get here" as if we were the same people.  That unique connection was so far unbroken.

Years passed and we added the answers to more questions together, such as "are there any other porn stars who have had the same career we have had?" "how and why are we still here?" "am I following you or are you following me?" and "how is it that we always end up in the same place at the same time?"  It seemed that we were always ending up on the same movie sets, at the same clubs and bars, as if our unique connection was always making sure of it.

Now that unique connection we had is gone forever.  If only I could turn back the clock days, months, years, to not only have you back, to make sure somehow that we continued to live our lives in parallel, our bond as strong as ever.  But, you have left me and I am feeling the loss deeply since friends who share years and years of life experiences are never replaceable.

Thank you, Arpad, for all the years of our unique connections that were constantly a source of inspiration for me and I know for you as well.  I'm sorry, Arpad, if I did not tell you enough how much I loved you.  We may have looked like physical opposites to the rest of the world, but only we knew we were twins at heart.  You were number one, special to me like no other, and you always will be.

I realize now what that unique connection was: fate.  We were meant to be in each other's lives, to share experiences, to be friends, to have a two-person support system that could never be understood by anyone else.  I will have so many more questions to ask and I take comfort in knowing the answers I find are the same ones you would have found." Rafael Alencar, performer | Images courtesy of Rafael Alencar


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"To be honest, I wasn't a close friend of Arpad's but we did happen to know each other. I was hoping that when the time came for me to do that one final film, he'd be my scene partner. The thing I love, loved the most about Arpad is that no matter where we ran into each other, he always stopped to say "Hi" if every so briefly, or if he couldn't stop, he's say "Hey Mikie" and keep on runnin! He was a man on the go it seemed to me. There are only a handful of people, close or that I really like that I let call me "Mikie" without correcting them... Arpad is, was one of them. I wish we were more than acquaintances because like so many others, I really like, liked him... a lot!" Mike Dreyden, performer



"As the webmaster for OnTheHunt, I've had the unique experience of working with many major names in the industry. And with all of the porn stars I've met over the years, few stand out in my mind more than Arpad Miklos. The charm and passion that you see on the screen is exactly what you got with him in person.

He was kind, polite, sweet and had a great sense of humor. He was one of the few in this industry where what you saw, was what you got. He was 100% real, which only made him more endearing, and he will be so sorely missed. During these times where anyone who throws a video up on the web considers themselves a ‘porn star', there were truly only a few true stars left, and it is so sad to see one of the brightest of them all extinguished. I will truly miss you, Arpad, and I hope you are at peace." Gary Blumenthal, Webmaster, | Image via


"Rest in Peace, Arpad Miklos" Cole and Hunter Maverick, via



"I was probably the first American director who worked with Arpad and I believe his last scene was filmed by my company, Lucas Entertainment, 2 months ago which is yet to be released. On set he seemed to be in a great mood, he looked great and it seemed as if everything was going well for him.

We worked together for over ten years. Probably half of his films were shot with us. We usually do not work with performers for a long time so, why Arpad?

Of course for the obvious reasons. He was a beautiful, strong, incredibly sexy man that people couldn't get enough of. But thats never enough for longevity in porn. Arpad was this rare actor who never gave the crew or his scene partners a hard time. He was professional, supportive, on time and always had a smile on his face. He was a joy to work with.

On the outside he was a tough looking giant but on the inside he was a sensitive boy who was easily hurt and who could not take resentment well. When we met in 2000 during the filming of one of my first Fire Island movies he was heartbroken about the breakup with a guy he was seeing. I remember he had the saddest eyes and whenever he was not filming he retreated to his room where he would lie on his bed. I saw many moments like that throughout our years working together.

I believe taking things so closely to his heart had something to do with his childhood, as is always the case. He couldn't cope well with being pushed away by lovers, friends and obviously society. He was not the kind of person who would talk about his problems. That is why it's so important for sensitive people like Arpad to have a psychiatrist. I know that if he had one he would see things differently because there is no justification for such a young, smart & successful man to take his life.

It's particularly important to have a professional to talk to especially those in our profession. And it is terrible that no one, including me, advised him to seek professional help.

My relationship with Arpad was a professional relationship so there is not much that I can say except to praise him for work but I know that there are many of you that would share a lot of great personal memories and will talk about him as a friend and not a porn star. I feel it's important to tell everyone how crucial it is to take care of your own emotional health as we gay people are very fragile no matter what mask we wear on the outside for the world to see." Michael Lucas, Lucas Entertainment| Image via



"Peter was one of the first friends I made in the industry. For a while we shared a warm connection. He will always have a special place in my heart. It's a very sad day... Rest in peace." Steve Cruz, Director, Falcon/Raging Stallion Studios | Image  via Falcon Studios


"Rest in Peace, Arpad, we respect and admire the life you lived, your generosity and dignity." the staff of, via



I didn't know Arpad well, but worked with him on several different memorable scenes.  He was an incredible performer-- dedicated and professional.  Off screen, his sense of humor kept cast and crew continually entertained.  My fondest memory involves his unusual appreciation of German hand cheese, or Handkäse.  I made the mistake of buying a block at a local farmer's market while on location with Ray Dragon.  While I'm an adventurous eater, the waxy ball of translucent cheese had the faint aroma (and strong taste) of iodine soaked bandages.  I took one bite and nearly threw the whole chunk straight in the trash can.  A delicacy of his native Hungary, Arpad greeted the uneaten ball of cheese with enthusiasm and graciously offered to take the whole batch off my hands.  I watched in amazement as he  sliced two huge chunks from the ball and immediately scarfed them down, pocketing the rest. Colby Keller, performer, excerpt via Big Shoe Diaries | Image via Big Shoe Diaries


A public memorial for Arpad Miklos will be held in New York City at G Lounge this Sunday, February 10th at 8pm. Visit Facebook for additional details and charities to support in his honor.


(Arpad Miklos and Jizz Lee at the 2009 Fleshbot Awards)

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