Don't Be Afraid Of Bears In The Dark

The key is to just lie there and let him give your ass a voracious pounding and maybe hand him your iPhone to film some of it, until he exhausts himself and slinks away. So really, don't even worry about it. Of course, who wouldn't mind bumping into user Dog2topu in the middle of the woods—all standing-up on his hind legs looking hungry and bearing his man-claws? And by "bump into," we mean with our privates.

A young college lad is the lucky recipient of this dark and sweaty fuck by our new favorite beast of the southern wild. There are so many layers of meta-porn going on here, us watching them watch themselves, while not watching the porn on TV in the background. We can't get enough.

pmpd fucks another horny college boy (xtube)

Twitter: Neil_O_Hare

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