This RentBoy's Threeway Spit-Roast Is Off The Wall

Jan 16, 2013 | Posted by Neil O'Hare in Hardcore

For reals, we're not even sure where to begin. What starts out looking like a particularly hot though still routine face-fuck-turned-ass-eating session morphs into a threesome when—hey, what'dya know?—a third dude just strolls casually through the door and jumps in on the action. Maybe we should leave our front door unlocked more often??

Self-proclaimed 'Pocket Gaysian and Pup,' XTube user Elilewis gets spit-roasted like a champ by these two strapping hung muscle jocks—slurping and moaning his way through a trilogy of crazy hot home videos. Our luau's guest of honor is also a RentBoy cum blogger, and we can only pray he's got more sex-cellent original content where this came from.

Eight Plus Nine is a Good Time, Part 1 (xtube)

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