Rocco Reed Really Loves to Bottom (In Five New Scenes)

Mama always told us to do what we love, and the money would follow. If that logic holds true for everyone, Rocco Reed must be a millionaire by now because he's spent a lot of time filling up his backside since Landon Conrad awkwardly popped his cherry in October. It's been less than three months since the gay-for-payer switched teams and had sex with Tommy Defendi 100,000 times started messing around with guys, but strangely enough, he's had one hell of a bottoming streak.

Our friends at Queer Me Now are reporting that, in addition to the two bottoming scenes Rocco starred in last month, will release a total of three new bottoming scenes starring their exclusive cash cow this month. If we've done our math correctly, these five new scenes prove that if Rocco isn't having sex with Tommy Defendi, he must be bottoming.

If you love watching dicks pump Rocco's hole as much as he loves taking them, be on the lookout for The Political Convention (with John Magnum, Jan. 21), The Faker (with Topher DiMaggio, Jan. 27) and Last Day (with Donny Wright, Jan. 28). We're obviously most excited for Rocco's scene with Donny Wright because, let's face it, everything Donny Wright touches turns to gold.

If you're looking for a treat, watch Trevor Knight fuck him first (above)—Trevor Knight is a god among men. Below is Rocco's second bottoming scene from December with Colby Jansen.

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