Two New Pledges Arrive At FraternityX

Ah, January session. It's that special time of year when overachievers and kids that hate their parents voluntarily stay in their dorm rooms for an intense month-long cram session that'll score them a couple extra credits. Anyone else on Earth would be slamming the books and guzzling Red Bull, but the boys of FraternityX are spending their late-night study sessions slamming asses and guzzling the upperclassmen's cocks.

Check out the new pledges at FraternityX, Jansen—a "hot 20 year old, blond hair, blue eyes, sweet piece of ass from bum-fuck nowhere"—and Morgan, a bottom slut that's so worthless he doesn't even deserve an introduction. What a slut.

Jansen has apparently passed out on the kitchen's mattress, conveniently located to the left of forty empty Solo cups, in front of the empty Lay's chips bag, and just a hop to the right of the empty Jäger bottle. The video begins with Morgan giving his lifeless body a hot blowjob (we assume he passed out because he drank too much, not because he needed beauty sleep). After a quick cameo from site favorite Grant (OMG you guys, it's Grant!), Morgan jumps on Jansen's rock-hard dick (he's still passed out) and takes him for a deep, bareback ride. This is so fucking hot, we want to send the tape to his girlfriend.

The scene eventually cuts to a shot of an animate Jansen fucking Morgan over the kitchen counter, and just as the cameraman suspected, Jansen is now shirtless and has a fucking sick body. He gets a little rowdier once they move to the workout equipment, calling Morgan a "whore," a "little bitch," and everything else you'd want to call a young college student on the receiving end of your bare cock.

One deep creampie later, Jansen returns to the bed where he woke, Morgan rolls over in a pile of cum, and we run to the nearest computer to fill out a college application. We finally realize what we were missing all those years.

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