'Heat Magazine' Confirms Tom Daley is A Bottom


Two weeks ago, we begrudgingly told you about all the partnerships and product endorsements keeping Tom Daley busy in the off-season, which directly resulted in this obscene dance video shot atop a diving platform. We hope the Mobot brought rain to Africa like it promised!

Meanwhile in Australia, Tom is preparing to head home for the holidays, but not before taking his clothes off for a Christmas themed photoshoot! Check out the photos of Tom dressed as Santa, mark today in your calendar as the day you wanted to fuck Santa Clause, and then read excerpts from his most revealing interview yet. In the interview accompanying these naughty photos (which were probably taken at the same time as these), Tom's mother insists her son is a bottom:

The boy is rarely seen inside a top. "Tom, you're not dressed," his Mum keeps telling him. "You're just wearing a pair of trousers and nothing else." But he doesn't listen.
The boy is "rarely seen inside a top." Her words, not ours!

This must mean that Tom's versatile, and while he doesn't mind being inside a top, he'd much prefer to have a top inside him. Do you think Tom's top was at this photoshoot? Do you think Tom ripped off his pajama bottoms and took his top under the mistletoe? Do you think Danell Leyva is Tom Daley's top?



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