How To Fuck Your Hot Young Neighbor

Studly new Xtube user Novalphion3 has a thing or two to teach us all when it comes to banging the boy next door.

1. Build a tree-house, twinks just love 'em. That's right—if you build it, he will cum. Or better yet, just get a real house that kinda looks like a tree-house from the inside. Except it's a real house, so you can really pound away on the bed without worrying about tumbling into the yard.

2. Get an eager young neighbor like this one. **Over 18, of course.**

3. Film your hot suck & fuckfest with a fish-eye lens. That way you can really take it all in (so it speak), and even maneuver the camera around during to get at the really choice angles.

4. Learn a little something about video editing, so you can cut out all the boring parts and give us all the good stuff. Like taking turns sucking dick before fucking your way to a joyous facial cumshot.

Neighbor Wants to Fuck (xtube)

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