What Happens When Two Bottoms Fuck? Anthony Romero.

Buxom bottom Anthony Romero was literally tied up and fucked in the new CockyBoys scene, and thankfully, it's not part of the horrendous Austony love story. This is the second time that Anthony is being tied up in the name of hot sex (the first time with Gabriel Clark in The Intruder), so this means Anthony Romero is a fan of light bondage, right? Right. There's nothing wrong with a hot dude that likes to fuck with his hands behind his back.

Max Ryder is the lucky stud that gets to worship Anthony's restrained body, and the cute facial expressions Anthony makes as Max services him with a wet mouth and a squishy Fleshjack are seriously priceless. Anthony is equal parts raging sex god and adorable little boy, so tying him to a chair and swallowing his dick is really the greatest way to feature both his sexual personalities.

Anthony is a raging power bottom, which is evident by the we've seen him practically beg for a huge cock. Max is also a big nelly bottom—remember the time he was scheduled to fuck Dillon Rossi, but demanded to bottom instead?


That's it. The answer to every sexual question you will ever have can now be answered by saying "Anthony Romero" out loud.

Anthony is a machine without labels, and watching him flip Max on his back to deep-dick him on the couch is going to make you question everything you thought you knew about submissive bottoms. He's apparently been taking lessons from Austin Wilde—the man who put the POW in power top.

Aside from turning our world upside-down this scene is doing two things for us: 1. We need to see Anthony get tied up again. Soon. 2. We seriously cannot wait to see what Anthony and Austin have up their sleeves when their new site, GuysInSweatpants.com, finally launches. Unnnnnffff.

Check out the scene where he got fucked by Gabriel Clark:

· Watch Anthony Romero drill Max Ryder at CockyBoys (CockyBoys.com)

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