Watch Tom Daley Stretch His 15 Minutes of Fame

If you're looking for even more ways to beat your career like a dead horse, check out Tom Daley. He's been irrelevant since the summer Olympics ended, but he's keeping his tight little body in your newsfeed with plenty of partnerships, product endorsements, and photoshoots for no good reason.

It's no Gangnam Style, but Tom is doing "the Mobot" for the Mo Farah Foundation—an organization that "helps save lives and supports people affected by the worst drought to hit the Hom of Africa." We're not sure how this silly dancing celebrities will bring rain to the dry African savannah, but if Tom Daley wiggling around in a speedo works, we're all for it.

All this mobot-ing makes us think: have you ever seen Tom Daley wearing clothing? Does he own any clothing? Does he know how to dress himself?

· Learn how to do the Mobot (

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