Rihanna Becomes Sean Cody's First Honorary Female Model

While you were rolling blunts with diamonds and shopping for oversized military gear, Queen Rihanna was developing a new fascination for the green screen on Saturday Night Live. Love it or hate it, the other-worldly performance has opened up new opportunities for RiRi in the gay porn industry, making her Sean Cody's first honorary female model.

Rihanna dropped by the studio for a rather intimate performance this week, singing "Diamonds" during a raunchy bareback threeway [that actually happened earlier this year]. Sean Cody is Rihanna's favorite studio, so it was only appropriate to pair her angelic voice with the sounds of site favorites Calvin, Dennis and Jordan fucking, sucking, and blowing loads into each other's assholes.

Although unconfirmed, rumor has it that Rihanna's favorite Sean Cody performer is Jarek. We gathered this intel based on the fact that everyone's favorite Sean Cody performer is Jarek, and those who disagree can take a seat.

Homegirl has a pretty hectic schedule, but we hope she can find time to return and give an encore performance of "Only Girl In the World," hitting the climactic high notes when Jarek creams his unsuspecting scene partners just like Dalton did two weeks ago:

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· Video via The Sword (TheSword.com)

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