FraternityX Roasts Grant to Perfection in "The Stuffing"

While we were busy stuffing our faces and Corbin Fisher was busy stuffing Connor's asshole, the boys at FraternityX were having a true fraternity Thanksgiving feast that was rather…unconventional. None of these boys seem to have the recipe for roasted bird, so they fuel up on cold beer and roast the next best thing: Grant.

These boys are so serious about feasting on Thanksgiving that they've even shoved an apple in Grant's mouth, tied him up, and put him face-down on the carving block like a true turkey. He's one seriously thirsty cum slut, so in addition to taking three raw loads from his fellow frat pledges, Grant's hole is being poked, prodded, and filled to capacity with a turkey baster full of the threesome's first loads. Feel free to thank the FraternityX boys for discovering the cheapest way to satisfy the world's hungriest sluts.

We know there are two things Grant loves in this world: cum and degradation. This is probably his piggiest scene ever, and we're glad our favorite frat bitch is getting copious amounts of the things he loves on Thanksgiving.

The only other thing you should notice is the HOT new guy in the white t-shirt. We're pretty sure this is his first FraternityX cameo appearance, but that fat dick and energetic sexual banter already has us groveling at his feet.

We don't know who this man is, or if the cum in the turkey baster is actually real, but we are certain of one thing: this kitchen is going to fail the next health department inspection.

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