New "Austony" Scene Is the Most Confusing Yet

We're conflicted over this new CockyBoys video starring Austin Wilde and some random bar-hopper in London. It's part of the "Austony" series that documents Austin's "monogamous relationship" with Anthony Romero, which means you'll most likely be confused and frustrated during most of it. It's a super hot video, but it takes another opportunity to outline the fluid relationship between the two stars, and how it really doesn't affect their porn careers at all.

Austin is a total beefcake. Watching him fuck a young, pale twink like this reminds us of where this site came from—before the redesign—and brought us back to the good ol' days when sites like Dirty Boy Video were sexy. A muscular adonis fucking an otherwise unremarkable twink will never get old. We like the contrast.

Austin's foreskin obsession parades through the scene and sparks a pretty hot mutual BJ, which ultimately leads to some intense, deep fucking, and one very happy Scottish boy.

Let us start our dissent by telling you how much we absolutely love CockyBoys. The high-quality scenes and unrealistically perfect boys they've been pumping out lately make us proud to be in the porn industry. Unlike studios that shuffle through nameless models and produce almost identical scenes on a weekly basis, CockyBoys produces great content because it's a platform for living art instead of a stagnant cash cow. Their polished vision and hunger for creative expression have made it a site that, ironically enough, is its own competition. Adding Austin Wilde and Anthony Romero to the mix had potential to be really hot, but this "Austony" series is killing us! After several episodes, we're being forced to care about the situation between them, which was easier to shrug off in earlier episodes.

Although they're both in London, Austin's "hectic schedule" forces him to shoot a scene with JP Dubois, a local boy he met a year prior. After blatantly insulting him ("you were cute a year ago, but you're much more presentable these days"), the two get back to the hotel to fuck without Anthony, who is hanging out with Jake Bass in another part of town.

The strange dynamic between Austin and Anthony is frustrating because unlike many successful open couples, they lack the ability to verbalize exactly what their relationship is, what they want from it, and why they're even together. It's an issue we didn't originally give much thought, but their relationship is being force-fed to us on a regular basis, and we're still struggling to find a reason why anyone should care.

Jake Jaxson writes:

By the end, JP's face was completely covered in Austin's spunk in what was without a doubt one of the best cumshots I've ever seen. When the two kissed afterward, I couldn't help but wonder what Anthony was up to at that exact moment. After all, it's only work... right?
Why does it matter where Anthony is? Why was Anthony in this video at all, and why does he still act like an uncomfortable, battered wife while his husband is across town gleefully slipping into someone else?

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