Will Horton's Makeout Sesh Continues on "Days of Our Lives"

Nov 01, 2012 | Posted by Bradford Matthews in Celebrity

It's official. NBC is our favorite network for daytime soaps. If the gay makeout sesh on Days of Our Lives last week left you guessing after the camera panned away, the network aired a longer, shirtless makeout sesh this week to let everyone know that Will Horton totally got some dick that night.

This is actor Freddie Smith's first shirtless scene, and we're glad it happened during the extended-cut softcore gay sex scene. These boys suck face and roll around in the sheets long enough to establish Will's preference topping preference, but not long enough to allow a creampie. Dammit. They abruptly stop in classic soap fashion when Will's father bursts into the room with a French maid dressed as a magician, his lover, Consuela, and their illegitimate handicapped daughter (we made everything up except Will's father.)

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