Rocco Reed's Asshole is Officially Gay-For-Pay

We're still damp from hearing about studly Brit Paul Walker's gay porn debut last week, so it's only natural that our ears (and dicks) perk up when we found out that the biz's most recent gay-for-pay crossover, Rocco Reed, was going to be bottoming for the first time (with a guy) under his new exclusive contract with That's right—straight porn star Rocco Reed's asshole has officially been penetrated by an actual dick. And we think he kinda liked it!

How did they do it? Did they lure him with candy, or did Rocco just realize that bottoming for über adorable Landon Conrad is a once-in-a-lifetime event that was not to be missed? We know that Rocco has played around with toys in the past, but this is an actual dick, you guys. has gone all out for the event with a "wedding day" theme. They've rented a chapel, hired Jessie Colter as the wedding photographer (um?), and paid a couple crooked-toothed hookers (probably with drugs) to act like spoiled brides! After leaving his bride at the altar—you know, because she's a woman—Rocco ends up bouncing on her brother's dick before he even gets out of his suit. Now if that isn't premeditation, we don't know what is.

Rocco's first bottoming scene isn't anything to completely lose your shit over, but it does prove that he has potential as a bottom. Landon Conrad was a rather large choice for a first-timer, so Rocco doesn't exactly take the whole thing. His tight, hairless asshole may not be deep, but we're willing to waive his non-erection and "just the tip" game because it's his first time and, well, the man wore a bow tie and dress socks throughout.

Now this is how you role play! Next time, if Rocco can coax his dick out of being a shriveled bean, we might actually have a crush on him.

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