All Hail Ben Baur's Actual Dick

When we found out that Ben Baur was not going to show peen during "simulated sex scenes" in Hunting Season, Logo's cheeky new webseries, we vowed to find photos of his cock for you and turn them into a bigger deal than they actually were. Now that the day has finally come, we're going to shout it from the rooftops, share it with our grandmother and post it here so you can relive little Benny's much-anticipated peen through five frames of GIF'd goodness.

We've lost our mind watching this butt sex clip featuring Ben's untouchable hole being destroyed in bed by fellow struggling actor Walker Hare. Every inch of Ben's skin is perfect—thank goodness we get to see the whole bundle twisting and squirming under the wrath of a (hopefully) huge cock. No acting class can teach you to writhe around like an insatiable slut, so we'd like to think Ben's method acting derives from personal experience.

You can call it "simulated sex" in all the press releases you want, but we think there's no way two hot, young gay dudes did this for more than one take sans penetration. We'd bet money on that glistening cumshot all over Ben's chest.

Screw actual porn. We'd rather watch Ben Baur slide off his skivvies and take it like a champ any day.

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