A Love Note To Benny G

To be completely honest, we used to think cheery muscle bottom Benny G was kind of scuzzy. His bossy attitude at FraternityX and completely submissive video with the Maverick Men (How To Fuck A Muscle Beast) didn't exactly make us huge fans, and we absolutely hate that kissy-face he makes when he's getting pounded. It took a new scene with the legendary monster-dicked Rafael Alencar for On The Hunt to make us realize we don't hate bottom prodigy Benny G. He's just an insatiable, cock-hungry bottom that needs to get fucked, and we're actually insanely jealous.

Watching Benny work his magic is one of our new favorite things. He's a member of the elite few that can actually deepthroat Rafael's Brazilian beast, and his huge bubble butt is actually a black hole that swallows everything nearby. You know you've got some serious skills when Rafael Alencar is surprised by how well you can take his dick.

After watching Benny grind into this huge cock and beg for more while switching positions, we're realizing that this is one of the first times we're actually seeing Benny's full face in proper lighting. He's actually pretty cute! He's not a big, scary muscle man—he's just a big, cuddly cub that deserves more of our attention.

We can't wait to see him back in action at FraternityX. Now that we understand him a little better, we totally get why he fucked that foosball table.

· Watch Benny take Rafael Alencar's monster cock with ease (OnTheHunt.com) | GIFs via fagsmut

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