Fleshbot Exclusive: Ben Baur Is A Dick Magnet In "Hunting Season" Episode 7 Preview

Everyone loves a good celebrity peen, but the most shocking kind of celebrity peen is the crossover peen, meaning any kind of nude photos or scandalous material from pre-fame that haunts a celebrity once they make it to the silver screen. It's hard to get a shot of a naked celebrity (unless you're photographing Kate Middleton), so you gotta snap a shot of the peen when it's not famous. That way, you can exploit it when it is. It's a complicated business, but that's what you keep us around for.

When we watch Hunting Season, Logo's new web-based (ironic) gay comedy, we're seeing a whole lot of crossover peen. The new episode airing tomorrow reintroduces us to the gorgeous, flaccid cock of straight stud Tyler French. Although we have yet to see it in all it's glory, it doesn't look half bad lying on the bed next to a completely nude Ben Baur (who, by the way, still refuses to give us the goods).

In episode 7, our hero Alex (Baur) is having trouble keeping his boyfriends in order—it's a cute dilemma that puts our white girl problems in perspective. We're not here to judge little Benny, though. At the end of the day, he's making out with a naked straight guy in bed and we're not. Le sigh.

This could be Tyler French's big break! Keep your fingers crossed, for our sake, 'cause we saw his peen first!

· Check out the full uncensored episode at HuntingSeason.tv (HuntingSeason.tv)

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