Chord Overstreet Erases Magic Mike

Remember how overhyped Magic Mike was? The entire movie kinda went away after it was released to sex-hungry women at bachelorette parties like 100 pounds of raw meat in the lion cage at the zoo. Nobody watches Glee either, but we're bringing both back in a way that's going to pop a tent in your pants.

With a studly lineup of ironically teenage-looking boys (not Chris Colfer), we have a newfound appreciation for the sappy primetime high school drama mostly because it's the first time we've ever paused a FOX show to jerk off. Chord Overstreet literally has one of the best bodies on television right now, and he's not fucking around when he pulled a Magic Mike and ripped his clothes off in last week's episode.

You tell us. Who wore it best?

Chord Overstreet:

Magic Mike:

Chord Overstreet:

Magic Mike:

Chord Overstreet wins by default.

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