Jake Lyons Will Always Be A Little Bitch

It's easy for the boys of FraternityX to just blend together sometimes. There's so much hot action going on in this dorm room that it's hard to keep track of where they all are. Now that Dayton O'Connor and Zach Alexander are keeping a low profile on the site, it's easy to spot a "face in the crowd" when Jake Lyons comes around to play.

Jake is a serious slut. And not in an ironic way. It doesn't matter what site this kid is on—he's always begging to be fucked and won't stop grinding until he gets what he wants. He's one of the few performers that can bottom and still be in total control of everything around him. Remember when he ordered Andrew Stark to fuck a load out of him at Corbin Fisher? Yeah, that was hot.

Remember when Corbin Fisher sued him? Yeah, that was hilarious.

Jake is playing "frat bitch" this week—emphasis on the "bitch." After giving him a hard time for being a "total pussy," two frat boys make use of his dirty hole by filling it with some hot jizz. You know how much we hate screamers, but we weren't going to let Jake's exotic, feminine gasps ruin this totally perfect scene. He's a bottomless pit and we appreciate that.

Our only suggestion: please make the cameraman in the white tank top fuck somebody next time. We all know FraternityX newbies start out as cameramen, but we're totally prepared to see this guy pump n' dump next week...

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· Check out Jake Lyons getting plowed at FraternityX (FraternityX.com) | GIFs via fagsmut

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