What Dave Annable Would Look Like If He Did Full-Frontal

We can't remember what happened on Sunday's premiere of 666 Park Avenue, ABC's new horror/drama series that isn't nearly as good as American Horror Story. To be honest, we're still blinded by the beautiful sight of Dave Annable's bare chest. We saw him take off his shirt a couple times when he played a mama's boy on Brothers and Sisters, but he's not just shirtless this time. He's in the bathtub giving us a foot massage.

Ignore the tacky pink nail polish on our toes and the ridiculous wig we've got on, because this is actually us bathing with our boyfriend, Dave.

We wanted to show you other shirtless photos of Dave Annable, but instead, we're going to show you this photo that he sent to us personally in a text message:

It's obviously a horrible fake, but a boy can dream. Right?

Via Square Hippies (SquareHippies.com)

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