Jack Harrer Sees God, Cums Three Times

Ever since we heard that the Bel Ami boys were horsing around The Vatican, we waited—as good Christian boys do—for what we knew was going to be one of the most epic group sex scenes this side of Heaven.

We didn't catch a glimpse of the Popemobile, we did get an eyeful of Trevor Yates' dick (or shall we say, lamppost). Priest Trevor is horny, and the only thing that can quench this monster dick's thirst for ass is six young, eager semenary students—the Kinky Angels. Sharing is so last year, so Yates Yates is going to dick these boys off one by one. If you think a Priest fucking six young boys is blasphemous, just leave. Leave now.

After winning a lucky Rock, Paper, Scissors match (or Gshnorrf, Eooojh, Jerrupfh in Czech), Jack Harrer is the first to see God on the receiving end of this divine dick. Watching these studs fuck is nothing new, but the storyline here will get us every time. Jack loves dick so much, he cums three times! We're probably going to Hell for jerking off to this, but if these boys are going to be there too, we'll be first in line to dive into the fiery pits of hot, Eastern European orgies.

If there is a god, Adam Archuleta will get fucked deep before this four-part series is over. Know that.

· Check out the full feature at Bel Ami (BelAmiOnline.com) | GIFs via fagsmut

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