Colby Melvin Is A True Southern Gentleman

Ever since we discovered Andrew Christian model Colby Melvin last month, we’ve been keeping tabs on his cute little butt to make sure it’s staying out of trouble. After thoroughly combing our vast network of WeHo friends, promoters, and DJs, we’ve discovered that nobody has full-frontal nude photos of this Southern babe, and nobody ever will (hey, we tried!).

Unlike most models that destroy themselves shortly after opening their mouths, Colby is one of the few that keeps getting hotter regardless of what his mouth is doing. Morals intact, the Louisiana native has vowed to never show peen, which we think is surprisingly sexy.

There’s nothing like a little tease, so long as Colby keeps taking almost all his clothes off. And we love a go-go boy with good morals.

Check out these new shots from his most recent photoshoot for Andrew Christian. Use your imagination!

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  • Brian Lynch

    I love some people’s fucked up ideas about morality. He’ll strip naked, has no problem posing as if he wants us to fuck him, and as an AC model, is basically a sex industry worker. But can’t show that penis, that would be wrong!