Your Latest TV Show Crush: Jayson Blair In "The New Normal"

Thank Jeebus television is finally giving us gay guys what we really need: clueless straight characters who think with their dicks! If it wasn't for Glee's Finn or True Blood's Jason Stackhouse we wouldn't watch either of those shows (at least not on frame-by-frame slo-mo).

The latest randy TV bohunk who's captured our heart (and other organs) is Clay Clemmens, the man-child baby daddy who popped up on NBC's The New Normal. Exec producer Ryan Murphy is no fool: He's already given us more than an eyeful of actor Jayson Blair, who plays the philandering Clay, in nothing but skimpy tighty-whities. (Note: Though plain white briefs make all of us regular schlubs look moronically infantile, they actually add to the randy bohunk's hotness. Don't ask us why: It's physics!)

Determined to see more of the 28-year-old Blair—no relation to the plagiarizing Times reporter of the same name—we scoured the Internets and discovered some even more scorching screen-caps from his appearance as a closeted jock on MTV's The Hard Times of RJ Berger. (Y'know, given his character's steamy shower scene, that show's title is ripe for a porn parody.)

Check out the slideshow of Blair from both shows, plus an Instagram snapshot from The New Normal set taken by Murphy, below.  And if you're dying to see the full scene of Blair hooking up in the locker room—well, we have that too!

Jayson blair balls licking 16 View Photos

Jayson Blair in The New Normal (SquareHippies)

Man Crush: Jayson Blair (Homorazzi)

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