FraternityX Opens the Flood Gates

Months after going completely bareback, the good frat boys at FraternityX are trying something new on for size: urine. If piss play is your cup of tea pee, then watch in awe as this lucky pledge takes three dripping wet dicks on the bathroom floor. You haven't seen "bad aim" until you've watched three frat boys completely miss the toilet and shower Anthony with steady streams of golden euphoria.

He's been banished to the bathroom floor, along with some Solo cups and empty cigarette packs, and chained to the toilet like a little bitch for "dropping a beer on the kitchen floor." Tough crowd! We don't care how he got there, and we certainly don't care about this disgusting linoleum floor that hasn't been cleaned since 1924. The real reason we're obsessed with this video is because once again, these nasty frat boys have delivered a full 40 minutes of perfect, nonstop raw fucking.

The fact that there's absolutely no production value in any of FraternityX's videos is the best part; you can actually feel like you're watching porn for once, instead of feeling like you're browsing the racks of clothing at a store that doesn't have anything you want. Real men. Real fucking. No strings attached.

Not into piss? Don't let it scare you away. There's not much these boys can do to turn us off and if you're a fan of amateur porn, you'll feel the same.

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