Tom Daley In Underwear Is Completely Different From Tom Daley In A Speedo

Okay, we thought this phase had passed, but we're not done talking about Tom Daley just yet. An Olympian's fame usually starts to fade about 45 seconds after the Closing Ceremony, but Tom Daley is milking his bronze medal for all it's worth. He's still a professional diver, but he's most likely going to become a makeshift fashion model for the next four years until he dives again in Rio and gives us a reason to consider going to the gym again.

After publicly shading a clingy bitch the girl everyone assumed he was dating, he dressed up like Clark Kent before taking his clothes off again, this time for the UK's Heat Magazine (??). In an exclusive behind-the-scenes video, Heat—a magazine clearly run by 12-year-old girls—asked Tom important questions, like "can you make a happy face?" and "can you make a sad face?"

The real kicker here is the underwear shot. Sure, we've seen Tom in much less, but a diver in a speedo is NOT the same thing as a hot, ripped guy in Calvin Klein boxer briefs. Now that he's not required to be naked for work, he's officially a tease.

Why can't Tom date the kind of women Danell Leyva does?

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