Tom Daley is 72 Days Legal

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Olympic diver and International Sex Object Tom Daley became legal 71 days ago, which means we've officially been jerking off to photos of Tom Daley for exactly  71 days (even though he was a medalist back in 2010!) He may not be the hottest banana in the bowl when clothed, but, he's rarely ever wearing anything more than a paper-thin Speedo.

If you, like us, wonder what the Daley does on his downtime in London (other than probably playing gay chicken and circle jerking his teammates), the pocket-sized sex god uploaded a video to his YouTube channel that answers all of your pressing questions. Check out the video featuring Tom and his hot, shirtless buddies rubbing their chiseled bodies in our faces. Life is unfair.

Three minutes too long to sit still? Merry GIFmas—we've rounded up the best of the best three second clips of our favorite 18-year-old boy. Enjoy!

Tom Daley & Team GB -- Sexy And I Know It (LMFAO Lip Sync)

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