Will Wikle Is Going To Cause A Serious Accident

By the time the weekend comes, we, like you, just can't wait to get out to the beach and shed our clothing. The sweltering city heat may even cause some queens to start shedding layers on the train and ferry, but it's rare when a jacked bag of man-candy walks around Midtown sans clothing like it's no big deal.

Now in his bajillionth year of hosting the world's most amazing weekly event, the DWorld Underwear Party (Fridays at the Ice Palace, Fire Island, NY), the undisputed King of gay New York and Lord of All Things Dirty, Daniel Nardicio, has recruited Big Brother 5 alum Will Wikle to show us how a real man travels. Check out Wikle strutting his bubble butt through Penn Station to praise from the commonfolk—you can even hear one woman shout "you could bounce a penny off that ass!"

We've got a pocketful of change, but you can bet the last thing we're thinking of bouncing off this ass is a penny. The only question we have now is: where's the uncensored version?! If Wikle decides to make like Steven Daigle and venture into the sheets, we're already in full support.

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