Cheyenne Jackson Is Still Wearing Too Much Clothing

Hot: check!

Gay: check!

Talented: check!

Everything we love in a man has been rolled up and packaged for us to swoon over in this month's Attitude Magazine. Openly gay Glee star and Drama Desk nominated theater queen Cheyenne Jackson took his shirt off for some gratuitous posing by the pool with a camera, a rope and a WASP-y sweatshirt that we just wanna take a big sniff of!

His swimsuit covers wayyyy too much, but the rest of his body is literally glistening and sending smoke signals so high that the neighbors are starting to alert the Fire Department. If he can look this good at 36, just imagine what will happen when his hair starts peppering—mmm, yes daddy!

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Who Wants To See Shirtless Photos of Cheyenne Jackson?

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