The Peters Twins Move To The Never Neverland of Retired Pornstars

It's official. The beloved and kinky Peters Twins have "retired" from porn. That's according to a press release that Bel Ami sent out this morning. But something's rotten in the state of Bel Ami, since this conflicts with previously released news.

It February, Bel Ami's owner, George Duroy, said, "Their contract expired, we still have several unreleased scenes with them…. I am not in habit to renew contracts with models who breach them." Snap!

That's a touch harsher than the cherry pies and rainbows of the official press release:

BelAmi's Peters Twins are without doubt a porn phenomena. They are still young guys and feel it's time to focus 100% on their studies and their future outside of the adult world… A move BelAmi has always been supportive of and one that they have helped facilitate."

"Helped facilitate" by bitchily not renewing contracts. Don't weep tears of mourning yet, darling readers -- four more scenes with Elijah and Milo Peters have yet to be released, including a grand finale with only the two of them! We would wish the twins good luck on their "studies and their future outside of the adult world," buuuuuuut we've a sinking premonition that they'll, ahem, unretire. The duo have achieved near-legend status, almost on par with Ryan Idol and Rex Chandler. They will be remembered and discussed for years to come. They have created a brand that can live well beyond their three year career.

Oh, yes, you can bet they'll be popping up again soon.

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