A Long Lost Peters Twins Sex Scene Emerges

Even though the Peters Twins and Bel Ami have parted ways, we're still getting their twincest treats. A video filmed way back in 2010 has just been exhumed for public viewing pleasure. Let's pray to George Duroy there are more Peters treasures locked away, waiting to be discovered, because this "new" old scene will draw your hand right to your cock.

We watch a crapload of porn all day, every day, and few of it stirs anything in our loins. But this scene had us popping an instant boner. We had to stop typing, unable to control our carnal urges, and take a 22 minute and 6 second break. Now, we're feverishly trying to get this post out by our deadline with a sticky keyboard and goopy hands.

It. Was. Worth. It. Elijah and Milo, like Austin Andrews and Zane Michaels over at AustinZane.com, have such palpable sexual chemistry together that their lovemaking is riveting. The scene opens with the two playfully worshiping each other, before cockily teasing Dario Dolce into diving in. Like AustinZane, the Peters Twins view sex as quasi-innocent playtime. They giggle, smile and crack jokes, instead of contorting their faces into the intensely concentrated expression of someone treating anal fucking like Indiana Jones switching the temple statuette with a sandbag.

Of course, this scene is merely Part 1 of yet another one of Bel Ami's infamous two-parters. But hey, if we get another "lost" Peters Twins scene tomorrow, who are we to complain? You shouldn't either -- just spit in your hand and enjoy!

· Dario and Peters Twins (belamionline.com)

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