The Roving Nude Underwear Peddlers Finally Go Full-Frontal

After car washes and pool parties and laundry rooms, Andrew Christian Underwear’s Merry Band of Roving Nudists have now descended upon the gayest locker room since the opening of David Barton Gym. This time, however, we get lots of flashes of shaft and balls.

Bravo to Andrew Christian for taking his underwear videos one step further by showing us what we really want to see: Penis. Plump bouncing penis. And nutsacks. We’ve long intimated that the company might as well make (or sponsor) a full-fledged porn, and this video — “Locker Room Payback” — is heading in the right direction. In it, three water boys get endlessly teased by a group of jocks changing after a football game. Ha! The only competitive sport these boys know is Dancing at the Clubs.

It’s also the whitest football team in America. Jesus Christ, Andrew Christian! Mix. It. Up.

Whoever the director/writer is deserves credit for coming up with cute bits throughout. There’s an ass shaving, a boy getting dumped in with dirty jock straps, massages, wedgies, and soaping up other dudes. The last image looks like the blond one is getting fucked. The next video should just be softcore porn. The one after that hardcore. We don’t even need to see the underwear.

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  • celticbuddha

    The water boys were way handsome, but I really didn’t see any pecker.

    • Anonymous

       How could you miss Derek Atlas in the shower on the left side??  Kurt Madison’s washing one of the other guys’ feet and Derek sticks his foot in Kurt’s face?  Clear shots of the Atlas rod…. ;D

      • Dcmilitary77

        Yeah, but who is the “Other guy”

      • celticbuddha

         I guess I was checking out ass too much *leering smile*

  • Anonymous

    Cedric!  You didn’t even mention that nearly all of the guys in the video are Randy Blue models!  Hell, even Kurt Madison returned to be one of the water boys! :D

    • Anonymous

       Unless models are credited, they all become a blur to me. Unless it’s a model I fancy!

      • Anonymous

         Now I know you’re a busy, busy guy, but not even one of those models struck your fancy so much as for you to remember their name?  I could have sworn you were awestruck by Kurt Madison’s monster cock when he did his solo at Randy Blue.  Hmmm, maybe I should find the article on here….. ;)

  • Starryman

    That is simply the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

  • Truzas

    Bravo! Nice undies too!