Sunday Is Let's Get Butt Naked Funday

Did you lounge about naked yesterday? If so, consider yourself an honorary member of The Naked Sunday Project. What's The Naked Sunday Project, you say? Well, glad ya asked!

It's a Tumblr where photographer McKenzie James posts his photos of nude young thangs every Sunday. His artistic mission statement is...

to explore the simplicity and minimalism I love about photography and that I don't get to do very often in my commercial work.

The Project allows/forces me to slow down every so often and re-discover the simple beauty that can be found with just light, skin, subject, and photographer, and allows me to experiment with new (or old) ways of shooting that I can later adapt into other works.

...Ooooor, it's just a lecherous reason to get sexy guys to strip naked in his apartment. Either way, may it get funding from the NEA!

The Naked Sunday Project (

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