Happy 1 Year Birthday, You Hot AustinZane Zanies!

Any regular reader of Gay Fleshbot knows that AustinZane.com is THE site we're hopelessly in love with -- maybe as much as "straight" founders Austin Andrews and Zane Michaels are in love with each other. They launched one year ago this month, and to celebrate they've released a scene so passionate, we'll be amazed if they can ever top it.

Even though the boys have amassed a stable of studs over the year, the real draw remains watching the two of them have some of the best gay sex on the internet today. We've prattled endlessly about how these two cannot possibly be straight and only best friends. They've got to be gay and lovers. They even have matching crucifix tattoos! That's some sort of profession of brotherhood, right? This week's birthday scene is yet another example of male sexual intimacy that cannot possibly be manufactured.

Taking place in a multi-colored funhouse of a bedroom filled with a rainbow of balloons, the boys pop balloons to discover the sex acts inside to perform on each other. (They love games like this.) There's something about points and yadda-yadda and popping final balloons to see who cums where. It's too complicated and all goes by the wayside.

Austin (who shaved his chest hair. Boooo!) is clearly the loopier one of the bunch, enacting a series of silly shenanigans that keeps blond Zane in stitches. As their sip their highballs (GAY!), their effervescent charm feel like we're lying on the bed with them. Then after a romp through the balloons to some crazy calliope ditty, the sex starts.

Sweet Jesus. Only two wideshot still camera angles, and we've got a scene hotter than all the glossy camerawork and staged moaning of every mainstream studio in existence. Watching this scene, you. Will. Not. Be. Able. To. Refrain. From. Touching. Yourself.

And wait until you see the cumshots at the end! Zane hits his own forehead, and Austin shoots right in Zane's eye (It buuuuuuuuurns!), which has them collapsing in giggles. Thank God! We're so tired of pornstars who take every moment so deadly seriously.

We'd love to do an AustinZane.com Year in Review, but you can check out our highlights in our past posts here, here, especially here, yowza here, and most tenderly here.

ยท Our 1st Birthday! (austinzane.com)

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