Corbin Fisher's Dawson Takes 2 Dicks For the Price of 1

Fan fave Dawson over at Corbin Fisher has been around the fucking block a thousand times over. So when he pops back up on the site, it's got to be a full blown event. Gentlemen and Gentlemen, your eyes don't deceive you. That is indeed Dawson's smooth muscle butt you see taking two rock hard cocks at the same time. Tah-dah!

Dawson is one of Corbin Fisher's longtime legends. When he first appeared on the site doing a solo scene seven years ago, the earth trembled when gay pornlovers the world over ejaculated en masse. Now, as the site's new "student body" has come in, Dawson occasionally returns like former quarterbacks do for Homecoming Games. He's also must up the ante, since we've seen him do everything three times by now.

Always one to please his fans, Dawson now gives up his indelible ass in a scene appropriately called "Double Penetrating Dawson." Two dudes named Chandler and Scott do the honors, treating Dawson like their wimpy bitch. (And they do it bareback!) Dawson's usually the alpha-male in charge, but this time his bunghole gets ridden so deeply even we can't sit down. If there's any pornstar we'd love to have to ourselves for a drunken night of debauchery, he with his perky dick and smooth balls is the one!

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