Real Naked Soldiers On Base Make Us Stand At Attention

From across the internets, horny gay dudes love collecting candid photos of real soldiers getting naked. From on-base horseplay to medical inspections, whenever we run into some real life scenes of hot soldiers, every military fantasy we've ever jacked off to springs to horny life. Here's the best we found in a recent collection.

Over at gay gossip site Datalounge, posters often start threads were readers post pics of sexy naked dudes based on a particular theme. One of our favorites is the thread on Naked Soldiers, which we've freely pilfered in the past. Checking in on it again, the posters have added several new pictures ranging from vintage shots to possibly last year, from American bases to Russian exams. We love the collection!

It's impossible to determine when most of these photos were taken, or why they were taken at all. That adds to their allure. Why is that solider outside with his butt exposed? How did the soldier propping up his beefy muscle ass in the barracks get away with it? Is the photo of the young soldier walking around in nothing but an orange roadwork vest real?

It's all a secret between the photographer, the photographed, and Uncle Sam.

Russian soldiers naked inspection 8 View Photos

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