A Video of a Muscle Pornhunk Flapping His Dick Around San Fran (UPDATED)

Last month, we showed you photographs of pornstar Marc Dylan naked around San Francisco’s Castro district. Now, here’s the video! While such brazen flaunting could get a guy tossed in the slammer in any other city in America, San Fran’s lax laws about public nudity make it just another sight on the daily commute. Dylan goes no holds barred, letting his meaty ass and plump penis push the limits of what the laws allow.

The video is presented like a silent movie, with Dylan the musclestud nude equivalent of Harold Lloyd. An uncensored version needs to be posted ASAP, because we yearn to see what’s underneath the blurred out sections. Sure we can easily download photos of Marc, but it’s more fun to view his bits and pieces in context. When he’s eating lunch in a restaurant window, spread-eagled, with his shaft at eye level, we want to see what’s making the guy walking by crack his neck in half.

This insanity reminds us of the Pethouse video spoof from “Amazon Women from the Moon.” Yesterday’s satire is today’s reality.

UPDATE (3/16/2012): The video was taken down because of YouTube’s ridiculously puritanical censorship policies. But the filmmakers generously gave us an uncensored version. Score! The vid’s also a bit of a non sequitur promo for Colt Studio’s “California Boys.” Go watch it. The sex scenes are hawt hawt hawt.

· California Boys (coltstudiogroup.com)

  • Anonymous

    Marc is a teeny, tiny bit over exposed. I think the only thing about him we have not seen…is his spleen. 

    He’s hot, and God I hope he’s making a ton of money. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/IBMZV3AVNGPDTGHHBNSXGSXNII jeremy

    Dude, if I was as gorgeous as him, I’d never want to put clothes on either…you know…if it was warm enough for that sorta thing. 

  • mr. Kristofer

     The uncensored version is up on the http://coltblog.com/

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1383081436 Mark Sticklin

    Reminds me of 70′s midnight comedy  ”What do you say to a naked lady”.