A Video Collection Of Beach Bulges And Boners

Every homo goes to the beach and ogles the guys as they bulge in their swimwear. A few of us even snap quick surreptitious photos. However, it takes a truly brave motherfucker to film the hunks of the beach for extended periods of time, zeroing in on the beauty of the crotch.

Enter a YouTuber called BalticBulges, who's hidden camera has filmed several unsuspecting European hunks as they splash about somewhere at, presumably, the Baltic Sea.

The video above is long at over 5 minutes, but if you're the type of Peeping Tom who can sit and stare at a guy with a boner in his Speedos for hours (which of course, you are!), then this vid's for you. Even those ladies can't help but sneak peeks at the manhood pulsing mere feet away.

In the video below, a trio of body builders decides to use the salty sea water to wash their identically muscled bods. These three might as well be triplets, with their matching haircuts and Speedos. Why they're splashing water all over themselves, and then diving in makes little sense, but something tells us they ain't the smartest blokes on the Baltic block. What then need to do is get cast by Kristen Bjorn, who can put their manual skills to excellent use.

Are these skimpy green things swimwear or underwear? Whatever they are, they're nicely hugging the thick cock and balls of this skinny Euro-cutie. This cameraman gets kudos for being so sneakily covert in capturing this bulge. How could this wondrous lech not get caught?

Presenting a collage of three different men. The first is a young dad who is wearing nothing but a thong! Toto, this ain't Kansas anymore. Ya' gotta love the openness of hetero Euromen. No straight American male would be secure enough with their bodies to wear little more than a string up their ass. After Thong Man, we get a couple other Euro boys showing their bulges for the cam. Oh, BalticBulges! May this amateur auteur continue making his video delight.

· BalticBulges (youtube.com)

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