The Rosso Twins Continue On...

The Rosso Twins. They continue to make films. The industry is trying very hard to make them the next Peters Twins. But, it's not working. Why? The reason is very simple.

They refuse to touch each other. They're hot, they're sexy, but if they want to be porn mainstays, it's time to stop the tease. They've had sex with various men now. So, it's time to at least touch each other. Their latest scene at is another example of how sexy they are...but...they need to momentarily forget that Johnny Rapid is there and spend some time pleasing each other.

Sure, they might get a little squeamish about the whole incest thing. But if they're doing threeways with other men, they might as well throw caution to the wind and play reindeer games together. It's hard to believe that they never have before. Now, it's time to capture it on film.

So, Rosso Twins, starting working up to pleasing your bro soon. Once you do, you'll be the cream of the porn crop.

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