Brazilian Twins Make Incest Romantic

The most tender romantic video we’ve seen today happens to be between (drumroll, please) twin brothers! After sifting through hours of porn for something that showed the erotic beauty of physical intimacy between two men, the best example we could find was between siblings who shared their mama’s egg. Somehow, we know that excites you more than two dudes from different bloodlines.

Marcio and Marcos Patriota Twins have been intimate before. This video takes their literal bromance and covers it with furtive glances and loving caresses. Their lips are millimeters away from locking, tantalizing us with their closeness. In the wee morning hours in a penthouse overlooking Manhattan, they roll about naked on a sofa, stick their faces in each others’ crotch, and push each other up against a TV to suggest the amour of butt fucking.

Perhaps they don’t go nearly as far as yesterday’s jack-off sharing, 69ing twin brothers, but the Patriotas make up for their lack in sex with unadulterated, pure, true love.

Do you think they’re dining by candlelight together tonight? Followed by alone time on satin sheets scattered with rose petals? It would be so weird, yet so hot.

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  • celticbuddha

    I imagine some lucky gent as the filling between two layers of incredibly handsome twins.

    • Anonymous

       I am totally volunteering. ;)

  • Leandro Julius

    The ultimate form of narcissism is being able to fuck yourself. 

  • ashighasicanreach

    i’m the oldest of three.  when my mom was pregnant with my younger sister, she asked 4 year old me if i wanted i a younger brother or a younger sister.  i said i wanted a twin brother.  she said it didn’t work like that…

    narcissism starts young.